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I’m Loved: A blog on Sunday’s Teaching from Dr.Gladys Wrease

In the fast-paced world we live in, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, lonely, or unloved. However, there is one source of love that remains steadfast and never-ending - the love of Jesus Christ. The story of Jesus and the sinful woman in Luke 7:36-50 (GNT) beautifully illustrates the depth of His love for all, regardless of our past or present circumstances.

Jesus Sees Us

In the passage, a sinful woman comes to Jesus while He is at a Pharisee's house. Though others may have judged her or dismissed her, Jesus sees her. He doesn't turn her away or overlook her; He acknowledges her presence and her actions. In our lives, we may feel unseen or insignificant, but Jesus always sees us. He knows our hearts, our struggles, and our desires.

Jesus Hears Us

The woman, overwhelmed with emotion, begins to weep and wash Jesus' feet with her tears. Her actions are an expression of her deep gratitude and love for Jesus. He hears the unspoken words of her heart and recognizes her need for forgiveness and love. Just as Jesus heard the cries of this woman, He hears our prayers, our heartaches, and our desires. He is never too busy or too far away to hear us.

Jesus Heals Us

Upon recognizing the woman's love and humility, Jesus forgives her sins and tells her to go in peace. The healing power of His love and forgiveness transforms her life. Similarly, Jesus offers us healing and wholeness through His love and forgiveness. No matter how broken or unworthy we may feel, His love can heal and restore us.

1 John 4:19 (Phillips)

"Yes, we love him because he first loved us."

This verse reminds us that our love for Jesus is a response to the love He has already shown us. He loved us first, and it's His love that inspires and enables us to love and worship Him.

We Love and Worship

Just like the woman in the story, we can express our love and gratitude to Jesus through worship, prayer, and acts of kindness. When we truly understand the depth of His love and forgiveness, our hearts will overflow with love, and we will be compelled to share it with others.

In a world that often leaves us feeling unloved, let us remember the love of Jesus - a love that sees us, hears us, and heals us. Embrace His love, and let it guide you in loving and worshipping Him every day.

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