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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

At Scarlet Note you can expect to find live worship relevant, practical messages for everyday life, but above all a great community. We begin service with Live worship where we'll sing several songs and then transition into the message. In total, the service lasts about an hour.


The kids are dismissed into their own classes where they are taught with one of the best curriculums available.

Where is guest parking?

There is plenty of parking space available in front and on the sides of our facility.  

What should I wear?

We're a church where everyone is of different backgrounds and cultures. We don't mind your tattoos, if you wear a suit or not, wear a hat if you'd like.

What's in it for my kids?

Kids are dismissed after worship to their own classes where they take part in activities and learn age-appropriate bible stories from one of the best curriculums; Share Faith Online. We have over fifteen qualified individuals to tend to our children. Learn more on our Kids Korner page.

How do I become a church member?

We offer 3 Membership Chats throughout the year where you’ll have the option to attend one of the 3.  Membership at Scarlet Note requires no application, nor any written formal committals from you.  Your Attendance, Service and Generosity is your Commitment


If you're new here see, what's next for additional resources!

How do I get involved?

Our church is built by volunteers. We're always in need of helping hands, who are talented in all areas. Check our Jump In! page to see what ministry you fit in with. Have a gift in a different area? Feel free to contact us by phone, email or person.

What denomination is Scarlet Note affiliated with?

Scarlet Note is a non-denominational church. See a list of our beliefs for more information, or make sure to contact us regarding any questions you may have. 

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