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COVID-19 Response

Updated: March 7th, 2021

Taking responsible steps to help us gather again safely.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with a comfortable and safe worship experience. We're prepared to offer one service starting Sunday, March 14th while Delaware COVID-19 regulations allow us to gather at 50% capacity.


In order to ensure the safety of our guests we're taking special precautions, read below some of the steps we're taking to keep our volunteers, staff and guests safe. As restrictions begin to be lifted you can be sure to check back on this page for any new information or news regarding our response. 

Steps we're taking to keep you safe

Masks required

Masks are required in service at all times. If you do not have a mask at the time of entry you can request additional masks. For those who cannot wear a mask due to health conditions, we invite you to watch us online.

RSVP required

To attend, you must rsvp in advance. This is how we can ensure that our guests can socially distance with designated seating arrangements. This also helps us measure attendance to make sure that we are within the required guidelines set by the state of Delaware for buildings capacity.

Temperature taken at the door

Team members are trained to take body temperature at the time of entry. A fever has been identified as a common symptom experienced by those who have contracted the COVID-19 virus. According to the CDC a person has a fever when he or she has a measured temperature of 100.4° F (38° C) or greater, or feels warm to the touch, or gives a history of feeling feverish. If you experience a fever before your visit or time of entry, we ask that you get tested and are cleared before attending. 


Cleaning before and after services

Before and after every service there is a dedicated team who work on cleaning and disinfecting all high traffic areas with solutions proven to help eliminate any trace of the COVID-19 virus with 99.9% effectiveness. 

Seating is scheduled throughout the week to work out the best possible seating arrangements for each family. Each family is taken directly to their designated seat by one of our ushers which is responsible for seating them 6 ft. apart from the next household. 

Socially distanced seating

A simple and easy check in process

Here is a short tutorial. 

Have more questions? 

We have answers

We have answers

The health and safety of our guests remains our number one priority. If you have any concerns revolving around your health we ask that you stay home and watch us online. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us and a team member will be happy to help answer any questions you have. 

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